Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Blue Sky Morning

I woke to blue skies and 37 degrees. There was no sign of a polar vortex arriving in the night.

This is going to make a fine basement patio very soon. I have been plotting the delivery of a load of gravel for the floor base.

Things deteriorated rapidly from there. Before I was done with my coffee it was spitting snow on passing clouds. The temperature had already started to drop.

I decided to take a stroll before things got really bad.

I have to check on the furnace next door every so often when it gets cold cold. The water exhaust line freezes solid and floods the furnace. Even keeping it set at 45 degrees, the furnace still has to run to maintain that temperature. The water exhaust gets directed to a bucket inside the mechanical room and that has to be emptied before it over flows. It is amazing how much water that furnace produces.

Here it comes.

The snowdrops before burial.

It wasn't long before the arctic air mass arrived in force.

I do believe this will be the biggest snow of the season. It has been coming down steady since 11am.

Will there be blue skies when I wake up in the morning? I know it won't be 37 degrees. It is 9 right now.

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Lola said...

Sure hope this doesn't last. Looks too cold now.