Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Proper Bloom Day Snow

It was late arriving and not as much as was suggested, but it was the best kind of snow, fat, fluffy flakes falling on a gentle breeze. There was no wind chill.

Time spent walking the garden becoming is made visible before the snow has a chance to pile up.

Most of the paths are made from weed whacking and walking. No earth moving is involved. A steady pace is worn into the ground.

Other paths involve work. The previous cut across this slope had worn out. Erosion wants a smooth face. A new short dry stack stone wall will go here. I wish the path could be wider, but that would involve a taller wall and cut further back into the slope. A single wide foot path will have to do.

There are multiple ways in and out of the garden becoming. A wide avenue connects to them all. The less desirable trails are for the maintenance gardener.

Then I wandered off in a perfect gentle snow in search of a bloom for Bloom Day.

It was warm enough and the snow was light enough that the scenic byway was tranquil, not treacherous.

An old road bed runs along the county line. Just a short way down is the true low spot high on a North Carolina mountain top. That dip in the mountain top is Betsy's Gap.

There they were right where I knew they would be. The first blooms of 2014 for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, Galanthus nivalis, the Snowdrops. These are the first. Hundreds more will appear as winter reaches into spring.

Even a perfect snow is cold and perfectly quiet for a good nap.

A cozy cabin and a comfy couch await. A pleasant Bloom Day dreams to all.


Barry said...

Looks like a powdered sugar dusting. The path widening looks nice. Maybe a rock embedded shoulder would hold the line?

Lola said...

A light dusting is always nice to see. I like your paths. Really visible with the light dusting. Citrus trees, geranium & first Camillia blooms here. Still looking for my Snowdrops.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Whooo hoooo snow drops. CAn't wait until mine pop up. Happy GBBD.

Christopher C. NC said...

Barry I have plans for a new rock wall to hold the path in place.

Lola I love the smell of blooming citrus.

Snowdrops are the first sign that the bulbs are stirring Lisa.

Lola said...

I forgot about my blueberry bush is blooming also. Hopefully the birds won't beat me to them.

_emily_rose said...

I'm a little jealous of your snowdrops! I haven't had snow, and I still don't have any blooms.

Happy Gardening!!

Lea said...

I love to watch the snow fall as long as I don't have to go anywhere in it! No snow yet here in Mississippi. No Snowdrops or Snowflakes either. Glad yours are blooming - so pretty! Those grasses waving their seed heads are very nice, too.
Happy Gardening!