Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Really Good Snow

This was the heaviest snowfall of the season. Six inches by my reckoning. And that ain't much by historical standards. It was pretty though. The skies were crystal clear and there was barely a wind. Perfect for shoveling snow off the top of the drive.

Here are some scenes from a really good snow.

Love this picture.

Tomato Futures.

It was a gorgeous day and without any wind the cold was bearable, for me at least. Three kitties were coaxed out at the peak of warmth, something just shy of freezing, for all of ten minutes. Two of them are bouncing off the furniture right now. Even cats will nap for only so long.

It ain't over. A second wave of arctic air is set to arrive tomorrow. There may be a bit more snow. It has already clouded up and started to spit snow tonight. That's not in the diagnosis.

Next week is looking equally frigid. It's gonna be a long chill.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The snow looks very pretty. The big chill is blowing in here too. Brrr We have no snow to protect things.

Lola said...

It looks pretty. Sorry about the cold. It's here too.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa even with my smidgen of snow this is going to be a test for some of my baby shrubberies. I imagine the Soft Caress Mahonia is toast. It was a zone 7 anyway.

Lola when I was a kid in Florida we used to turn on the sprinkler when it was going to freeze for the ice show in the morning.