Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Soaking Wet Fire

These long piled heaps of rubbish are not all that easy to burn. They have set there so long the decomposition process is well under way. Add in copious amounts of rain and snow and it's like burning a heap of wet sponges.

It takes a while to get a fire going and then I have to stand there and feed the fire or it is likely to go out. Determination wins out in the end. Two more wet piles of rubbish are gone.

This was a lousy fire though. The wettest yet. Some things did not make in in there. They were too long or too big. It would have taken for ever to slowly feed them to the fire.

For now they have been arranged beside the chimney in a slightly pleasing shape of a bed. It can be the old chimney's kitchen garden. Or not. Maybe they need to be tossed deeper into the forest. But then again I look into the forest and it is horribly messy. There is a strong urge to clean it up. Who knows when that might happen though.

For now I will have to be satisfied with tidying up inside the borders of the wild cultivated gardens. I have two piles left in the sunny utility meadow and one in my own garden from just the fall and winter pick up. It is endless.

The forest is messy and somebody has to clean it up. Even a wild garden will look better when it is tidied up.


Lola said...

So sorry it all didn't go. Maybe the brush will provide a nice kitchen garden. Son did pick up many little limbs that had come from the old oak tree in back yard. A large cart full. Need to mow. lol

Christopher C. NC said...

Mowing the lawn in January? That's terrible.