Thursday, January 16, 2014

In Between Snows

The extended diagnosis is looking very cold and January like. There is some snow involved, but it is mostly just cold. That is a good thing I suppose. I tend to think the crappy daffodil display last year was caused by a freakishly warm January followed by two months of real winter. It's best if the garden stays cold and dormant and wakens at the proper time.

How far the snow recedes on my melt line is its own kind of weather indicator. The closer it is to the cozy cabin, the colder and cloudier it has been.

The sun did come out for a spell today. I had to do something in that brief window of minimal warmth. I had neglected to get any good potting soil before my local nursery shut down for the winter. I'm going to find out how well aged manure works as a seed starting medium. I sowed a flat of Angelica and giant Joe Pye seed. The biggest question is how many weeds will germinate in this non-sterile mix? Time will tell.

The cold hardy clumping Fargesia bamboo got major freezer burn on the leaves at minus eight degrees. I have seen bamboo defoliate from drought then leaf back out again. I would prefer the Fargesia do that than hold on to damaged leaves that are likely to end up turning brown. It is rated hardy to minus fifteen. I'm not worried about it surviving. I just want it to look good come spring.

The invisible art piece is showing itself more in the blank slate of winter. That is a bit of a surprise, almost counter intuitive.

I expect the broken crockery to be more visible when the Lush is gone. It's lonely though. I need more.

The Lush of a tall flower meadow has been laid low and returned to the earth. More snow and more cold will press it closer still. A fresh clean slate is being readied for spring.


Lola said...

I hope you have a fantastic display of daffodils in the spring. All that chop/drop is paying off.

Dianne said...

I wish I had half your energy. When it's cold, I feed my animals then stay inside until it warms up.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Perhaps you need to give your bamboo a trim?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I hope this year's daffodils will be back to normal.

Dianne feeding the animals is a lot of work. You're no slouch.

Not if I can help it Lisa. I have waited four years just for it to get that big. I won't touch it at least until the new canes come up and fill out in the spring.