Sunday, January 19, 2014

It Snows It Melts

It snowed again during the night. There was a decent bit of melt during the day. Tomorrow looks like a good day for melting with highs in the 50's.

Then it will be over. The snow will begin again on Tuesday and a mini-polar vortex is set to settle in for the week. The highs will be below freezing. The lows at least will be above zero. That won't allow for much melt. That is a little too cold to be outside for much more than a quick visit.

I have gathered everything up. It is organized neatly. I have the forms. I have done every other thing on my list that is doable, napped and procrastinated like a champ. It seems I may be forced to sit down and do my taxes next week.

Just watch me though. The sun will shine. The wind will stop. I'll think it will be a perfect day for more chop and drop despite any snow on the ground. The taxes can wait.

It's still winter. There is plenty of time. We haven't even had a real snow yet. There hasn't been a single snow over three inches. That isn't enough to make me feel trapped and to abandon all hope and just do the taxes.


Lola said...

Plenty of time for taxes. From your pics I'm getting more of a perspective on how all lays. I like. I remember the on again off again snow. Just follow your heart.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I've been taking more panoramic shots and fewer closeups of late. Add in the barrenness of winter and the lay of the land is much easier to see. In that last picture, the telephone pole at the top is where the roadside vegetable garden is.

Lola said...

Uncle Ernie is up there watching over all. I thought that was it.