Friday, January 17, 2014

Less Rubbish More Junk

I don't see them often. Half the year they have a lot more cover. But the Lush is now threadbare.

The rubbish piles inside the borders of the wild cultivated gardens are also now threadbare. Two more were burned up on a cold and windy day. I hope I can keep it that way. I was tired of all those rubbish piles marring the chaos running rampant through the gardens.

There will be no end to the sticks and branches falling from the heights of the forest. This will have to be at least an annual chore. If I keep at it the rubbish surrounding the gardens borders could even begin to thin.

A couple of other wild creatures finally consented to stepping outside late in the afternoon for a quick dash through the sunny utility meadow. They were checking on my progress. They don't stay out in the cold for long.

I have a ways to go yet. The chop and drop has been done to about the center of this picture. This one shot is about half of the sunny utility meadow and maybe one fifth of the entire wild cultivated gardens. I have a ways to go yet to be ready for the arrival of the bulbs. There is a lot of ground to cover.

My six and a half years on this mountain is really showing a discernible effect. There is a lot less rubbish and a lot more tasteful junk.

I hope the rubberneckers appreciate my efforts.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sure your place is the talk of the county. :)

Christopher C. NC said...

Heh. If it isn't now it might be after the master gardener tour in June.

Lola said...

You probably have been watched for all that time. I'm glad the 2 wild critters decided to make it outside. lol Was wondering if you saw many wild critters around. It will all look great in June.

Gail said...

Love the title! The MGs will love your garden. I need to get out and chop some stuff down soon~Still babying my ankle!

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola there are indeed a lot of slow drivers on the only straight section of road on this mountain right in front of me. I hear and see signs of the wild critters more than I actually see them.

Gail I got lucky when I fell off the ladder. My ankle only turned purple. It didn't get sprained. We are back to Siberolina so I still have a few weeks to get the chop and drop done.